DJ Frank Raffa

president & ceo

Frank is the president of Sound Sensation. He began his DJ career in the early 90's when most DJ's were still mixing vinyl records.

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DJ Mike Ellis


Mike Ellis is a veteran DJ with over 18 years of experience. Mike has entertained on both coasts of the U.S. He started his career in NJ.

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DJ Amber


DJ Amber is a multi-talented DJ/Entertainer. Known as "The Dancing DJ", she is able to do it all. If you're looking for a fun DJ who can also dance...

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DJ Michael Pitti


Michael Pitti hails from Florida. He became interested in DJ entertainment while attending a Bar Mitzvah in New York where he also lived for a time.

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DJ Vince Perkins


Vince "The Voice" Perkins was discovered by a mobile DJ who immediately recognized his potential and began to bringing him to events and parties.

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DJ Martelle Pitts


DJ Martelle Pitts has been raising the roof at weddings since 2002. DJ Martelle's focus is to take his passion for good music and entertainment…and combine that with your vision and your dream to exceed your expectations.

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